At IRC, we provide strategic insight into operational risk issues by combining advanced investigative capabilities with outstanding analytical skills. Our findings are based not only on facts we gather in the field, or from public record sources, but also from our extensive experience serving a sophisticated global client base. Our continuing ability to acquire the best intelligence based on the needs of our clients is what continues to make us a leader in our industry.


We consistently exceed client expectations while helping them answer the big questions they face in the normal course of their business. IRC can provide your firm with solutions in the following areas:

Litigation Support

IRC understands that the foundation of any successful litigation case lies in the collection and analysis of critical information from victims, witnesses, and other individuals. Real-time intelligence gathering is what we specialize in.

Business Intelligence

IRC’s corporate intelligence division serves financial institutions, law firms, investment groups, banking firms, and hedge funds with the purpose of enabling our clients to understand whom they are associating with.

Transactional Due Diligence

We concentrate on potential conflicts of interest, unknown competing business entities that a potential partner may possess, determining the true nature of “third-party” referrals, and identifying additional points of contact in particular deals or transactions.

Intellectual Property Investigations

IRC conducts global trademark investigations in a timely, cost effective and confidential manner. We initiate our investigation in complete accordance with client instructions and obtain evidentiary certification whenever possible.

Asset Research & Investigations

IRC conducts hundreds of asset investigations every year. From locating proceeds of embezzlement matters, to determining an adversary’s financial status in a litigation matter, IRC can determine a subject’s worth and/or locate misappropriated assets.